I believe in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist and everlasting life (John 6:51). Our Lord’s presence in the Eucharist is to be honoured, respected, praised and glorified always at Holy Mass. I know our Lord loves me with His mercy and kindness granting me blessings of hope and salvation and in return I must serve Him with humility and obedience.

I waited anxiously for 13 years to receive the Eucharist for the first time. At 21 years old, a prayer was answered and it was a miracle when I received the Holy Eucharist. During those ‘waiting’ years was certainly a test of my faith in our Lord, as I had to battle with my parents’ disapproval. They accused me of being a rebel against them which was very hard to bear and caused confusion and sadness in my heart. I decided to battle on without any retaliation towards my parents, knowing that they meant well and were ignorant towards Christianity.

I consciously made a choice to become a Catholic and to receive our Lord in the Holy Eucharist and through prayers He answered me and it meant the world to me – happiness and joy overcame me. Receiving Christ into my life means entering into a profound communion with Jesus. ‘Abide in me and I in you’ (John 15:4). My bond with Jesus is everlasting and awesome every time, and confirms His love for me. I anxiously wait to receive Him the next time after Holy Mass and believe Our Lord is my only help and salvation.

The Holy Eucharist is the most important ‘food’ for me. It promises eternal life (John 6:48-51). Without it there would be no life in me. I will always remain in Our Lord Jesus Christ body and soul.

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