Some years ago while I was standing near the altar as a Eucharistic Minister, I felt an incredible cloud of heat emanating from the priest/altar area as the priest was praying over the bread and wine. I felt the heat with my hands; it was like the radiant heat from an open fire-place. On another occasion I was standing outside after Mass talking with the priest when, suddenly, I felt a gentle heat sensation reverberate from my chest up and outwards.

These experiences did contribute to my faith. I felt humbled and truly blessed at the time. I felt that I experienced God in a very special way, but I don’t know why. I don’t think I became more generous. I think I became braver and more accepting of things in life.

I like to pray that people who are sick and dying will experience the same feeling that I felt because I think it’s like God holding out His hand to them, so that they will feel at peace, can escape any pain they may be feeling and be secure about dying.

Overall, I don’t understand what these episodes mean, but I try to live my life for others and to be open to the possibility of a mission in life.

Penny’s Story