The story of two brothers: Peter, 15 years, and John, 12 years

Church for us is a time when we like to think about the past week and how God has influenced us. There are a few reasons why we come to church aside from our parents making us come. We love the feeling afterwards because we feel a warm, fuzzy glow swelling in our chests, a  feeling that God is with us now and always, and that no matter what happens he’s there to help us through the tough times. Also we think it is because now we know we can face the coming week refreshed spiritually and ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Another thing about church that we like is the sense of belonging to a community, knowing that we are all there to help and support one another and that together we can make a difference in our lives and in  each another’s lives. It is also wonderful to be able to catch up with one another and talk about family issues and important things like footy.

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