Story of Tracey, 15 years

Every time a Mass is served and the congregation beholds by the Blessed Host, each and every person kneeling before the altar has their own private reflections in their thoughts, whether it be about a pardon for a sin or a thanksgiving for a blessing. To me, this time in the Mass, and, in fact, the entire service is a time of reflection and asking God to aid me in my everyday tasks such as homework or tests. I find that every Saturday evening is the main time that I can really talk to God and ask Him for help in life. Though my family says the Rosary almost every weeknight, it is not nearly enough time to talk to Him. I actually find during the Mass, that I don’t really pray but really talk to Jesus, as if He were one of my school friends standing next to me. I talk to Him like He is flesh and blood, a living, breathing being, and not merely a man on whom our Faith is founded and is who remembered through the liturgy.

For me, the Eucharist is a time to ask God to forgive my sins, a time when I repent for little things I have done between confessions. When I talk to Jesus, whether it is in church or even at home, in front of our Divine Mercy image, I see Jesus smiling at me. It doesn’t happen all the time, only when I talk to Him. I can’t just glance at the picture and see Him smiling; I have to really focus on my thoughts – that’s when the Lord smiles at me.

Wendy’s Story