Chapter 1: How the Eucharist Evolved

Chapter 2: Preparation to Opening Prayer

Chapter 3: Liturgy of the Word, Creed, Intercessions

Chapter 4: Preparation of the Gifts

Chapter 5: Liturgy of the Eucharist

Chapter 6: Communion and Dismissal

Chapter 7: The Post-Eucharist Mission

Chapter 8: The Abiding Presence

Chapter 9: Prayer Before the Blessed Sacrament

Chapter 10: Eucharist and Reconciliation

Chapter 11: Eucharist and Nourishment

Chapter 12: Eucharist as Transformation

Chapter 13: Eucharist and Covenant

Chapter 14: Eucharist and Sacrifice

Chapter 15: Eucharist as Memorial

Chapter 16: Eucharist and Hope

Chapter 17: Eucharist and Ecumenism

Chapter 18: Eucharist and the Cosmos

Chapter 19: Eucharist and Mystery

Chapter 2o: Eucharist and Living Simply

Chapter 21: Conclusion

Appendix: Eucharistic Prayers


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